Annabel Rosenhead Counselling & Psychotherapy in West London

Client Groups

I work 1-to-1 with both adults and teenagers/young adults aged 16+ years.

Teenagers & Young Adults:

While the issues that I support younger adult clients with, are overall the same as those experienced by adult clients, there are some key differences relating to the former's life stage.

Areas of support:

Areas I focus on include:

  • The significant issues raised by moving through the transition from childhood to adulthood
  • Anxieties raised by the exam and testing processes of GCSE's, A' Levels and University or College entrance
  • Difficulties with relationships with parents
  • Issues with friendships and friendship groups
  • Challenges at school
  • Depressive moods
  • Suicidal feelings
  • Confusion around identity
  • Overwhelm

    Confidentiality with teenagers

    All of my client work is bound by client-confidentiality. When working with clients under the age of 18, some parental contact may be required re payment, attendance and scheduling. Any feedback to parents will be dependent upon permission given by the client (the only exception being that of duty of care, if the client is thought to be at risk of self-harm or harming others.)

    Do get in touch if you have any questions, whether you are a teenager, young adult or a parent.

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