Annabel Rosenhead Counselling & Psychotherapy in West London

The Process

I offer short, medium and long term work.

You may be looking for short term practical support to work through a particular and finite challenge. Equally some people or situations are likely to benefit from more in-depth, ongoing, reflective work.

If you're not sure what you need, I offer an initial consultation when we can work this out together. (See Contact page)

In either case, this is the structure of the process for our work together:

  • We can speak on the phone, free of charge
  • Will meet for an initial consultation
  • We will then meet weekly, usually at the same time each week
  • With long term clients I can work bi-weekly after a certain period of time
  • When you feel it is time to finish working, we will manage this process together
  • To complete the process we will draw to a close over 2-3 ending sessions (or just 1 for shorter term work)


    The rate for each 50 minute session is £75

    While I prefer to work face-to-face, I am happy to see clients online if this is essential to your situation.
    (The fee is the same for face-to-face or online consultations.)

    Do let me know if you have any questions.

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