Annabel Rosenhead Counselling & Psychotherapy in West London

How I work:

My style is collaborative, so together we look at the areas of your life that you feel aren't working. I will share tools and strategies to help you make positive changes in the ways you manage and take care of yourself.

Overall my aim is to support you to strengthen your sense of well-being and personal growth, to tangibly enhance the quality of your life. To this end, I help you to deepen your understanding of yourself. I believe the fresh insights this process reveals will enable you to make real, tangible shifts that will really work for you.

Areas of expertise...

I successfully support clients struggling with:

  • Anxiety
  • Low Self-esteem
  • Depressive feelings
  • Depression
  • Loss & grief
  • Anger & frustration
  • Life transitions
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Parenting struggles
  • Family issues
  • Working life
  • Overwhelm

    In our sessions...

    I will listen to you in a way that allows you to process and make sense of your feelings and experiences. I also offer fresh insights and connections that you may not have seen.

    As we work through issues you are likely to begin feeling lighter, more alive, grounded and in control. Learning to notice, understand and disentangle yourself from certain ways of thinking can transform how you experience life. This process enables you to start to feel more at peace, robust and confident within yourself.

    While we may talk about your past, I will encourage you to focus on the here and now. The way you feel and behave today may be rooted in your earlier years, but I believe I can support you to grow and change well beyond the constraints of that history. I will help you to equip yourself with the resources you need to live well in the present, and share tools, strategies and new perspectives.

    The kinds of conversations we might have, include...
  • Looking at any self-critical thought patterns
  • Learning to recognise and identify what you are feeling
  • Exploring how to express your anger in ways that are respectful to you and others
  • Learning to notice, prioritise & meet your own needs
  • Creating useful boundaries in your life - learning to say no
  • Finding ways to work through your pain
  • Reflecting on what inspires and fulfils you
  • Learning to listen to your intuition
  • Discovering how to feel more secure, resilient and steady

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