Annabel Rosenhead Counselling & Psychotherapy in West London

Working with Annabel Rosenhead at Oxford House, W4

I provide...

...a safe space where you can reflect on your situation, thoughts and feelings. I am an experienced therapist with a warm and supportive approach.

Counselling or Psychotherapy can help us through many challenges...

We all find ourselves stuck sometimes.

It can be frustrating when we can't get ourself out of a cycle of thinking or behaviour that doesn't work for us.

Turning to therapy can be very helpful, if you are...

  • Dealing with a difficult or unexpected challenge, maybe the end of a relationship, or a new job, or a difficult family relationship
  • Living with the consequences of not yet fully having processed or healed from certain childhood experiences
  • In transition & feeling disorientated about your place in the world at the moment
  • Feeling overwhelmed - in pain, depressed, anxious or angry - and you don’t know how to find your way through the feelings on your own

    Whatever the cause, at times like these, the support of a professional counsellor or psychotherapist can make a real difference. I am very lucky to love the work I do, and am committed to providing the best possible support for my clients.

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    “Life is made of millions of moments.
    We live only one of these moments at a time.
    As we begin to change this moment, we begin
    to change our lives.” (Trinidad Hunt)

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